Fire and Flashback

“Grim flashbacks and bad memories.” – Hunter S. Thompson

Last Saturday was a bad day.

Despite what I thought was a good sleep, despite decent food, just despite all sorts of variables, things just turned to utter shit. It came from nowhere, deep in the subconscious ether of repressed noise. The gas had been poured without my knowing and it didn’t take much to strike a match. Continue reading “Fire and Flashback”

This Moment

Changes (An Update / Short Glimpse)

Without getting into a big thing on why I haven’t been posting here, this is more about posting something in general. This is a spur-of-the-moment bit of positivity and proactivity, as well as a glimpse of things to come.

It’s no secret to me or anyone reading this how much of what I’ve written about my mental health has been based on unhappy things, often with unhappy tones. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s important to be able to express those things. Continue reading “Changes (An Update / Short Glimpse)”


I Won’t Pretend

I won’t pretend I had a good night last night.

I won’t pretend that I sank into a sadness that left me laying on the floor.

I won’t pretend that I wasn’t inspired to leave the house.

I won’t pretend that getting up and driving to a local restaurant didn’t at least partially help.

I won’t pretend that the cup of peppermint tea made things all better.

But I won’t pretend it didn’t clear my head, at the least.

It felt good to get out of the house. To get up, moving, doing something, even if all I accomplished was reading some more of a book.

I won’t pretend that doesn’t matter.

© 2017 Day By Day Mental

This Moment

This Moment: Rabbit Hole

This is the first example of a series of thought pieces written in the moment. They will be created spontaneously, reflecting my thoughts by way of self-journey, expression and stream-of-consciousness.

My head is spinning. As I sit here amidst a battle for productivity and positivity I find myself spiralling down a rabbit hole of possibility. Sheer, unending possibility.

My web-browser becomes inundated with new tabs for things to research and read. In fact the tabs all reflect this very subject matter of spiralling rabbit holes of thought. A web search for “overwhelmed by possibilities” revealed the writer M.J. Ross. Beginning with her article (When You Feel Pressured and Overwhelmed by Possibilities) I briefly felt relieved to encounter somehow experiencing my same turmoil. Continue reading “This Moment: Rabbit Hole”