All or Nothing (Eating, Self-control and Stagnation)

Let’s talk about self-control.

I first got into this combination of yogurt and granola cereal some years back while prepping for a road trip. With a cooler I was able to make decent breakfasts and snacks over a couple days. Simply pouring the granola directly into the yogurt container meant no dishes other than a spoon. The sweetness of the yogurt, the somewhat-salty crunchiness of the granola and the chewiness of the dried fruit made for a delicious new discovery. Continue reading “All or Nothing (Eating, Self-control and Stagnation)”


The Mystery of My “Anxiety”

You may notice I put quotations around a key word of this piece’s title. Basically, I’m starting to question what I’ve been calling my anxiety.

Two years ago my heart started to feel funny. Or at least I thought it was my heart specifically. On a particularly hot day I was working a particularly strenuous job, and mid-afternoon my body began to tell me things. It said my head was dizzy; it said my breath was short; it said my limbs were weak; it said – no, screamed – something about dehydration and heat exhaustion. Continue reading “The Mystery of My “Anxiety””


Fever Breaks / Storm Passes

Halloween was two days ago. Today was Hell on Earth.

I’m not sure if it goes clinically any deeper, but if anything I go through some pretty steep mood swings. And it’s evolved over the past year into a sort of fever-like experience.

It’s probably not uncommon for most people to have emotional highs and lows through any given day. One part of your day is upbeat; another is sad; another part just kind of bleh. It all just rises and falls, ebbs and flows, comes and goes. Continue reading “Fever Breaks / Storm Passes”


Emotional Eating

Today was bookended with some food-for-thought irony.

This morning I met with a dietician to discuss my dietary needs, restrictions and connection to my emotional difficulties. Subjects included my daily eating habits, food sensitivities, and the complexities of cravings and self-control as pertaining to emotional regulation in times of stress. Continue reading “Emotional Eating”


World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2017) / Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 1 – 7, 2017)

This will be far shorter than I’d prefer, but I’d rather say something short now than nothing at all. I’ll also be working on something more significant later in the week.

Today is Mental Health Day (Oct. 10), just after Mental Awareness Week (Oct. 1-7)!

If you are struggling with mental health issues, you are not alone. Whether you are beginning or continuing your journey, please know that help is out there in many forms.

If you know someone struggling with mental health issues, please do your best to be patient, understanding and helpful in gentle ways.

Resources are available for both sides. Education is a must, and discussion is the best first step!

The first step of my own mental health journey began with seeking resources at my university. This was fortunately a free services for students, and I was also able to receive also-free extended sessions for a short while after graduation.

More fortunate than that was the therapy itself. Being able to open myself up to someone – therapist or otherwise – was immensely vital and necessary. I specifically sought a therapist for professional help, but this is not the only avenue for a person to start their mental health exploration. Even just friends and family can be the initial key towards progress.

If you feel hesitant to share your issues with others, even loved ones, please know that you do not have to crack open your book all at once. It can be a simple as stating that you suspect you are having troubles, and baby-stepping it from there.

Above all else, do not be afraid to try. Consider any friends or family who could be most understanding, and look into any professional services available to you. It’s not all high-price “shrinks” – my current behavioural therapist was made available at no charge by referral from my family doctor.

Consider your options, and map out your mental health journey today. And remember: you are not alone!

Government of Canada website for information on Mental Health Awareness and Illness resources